This blog post is backwards. I’m not going to say much, but instead I’m asking YOU to to do most of the talking.

This Sunday at The Meeting House we begin a new series called “ORIGINS: The Story of Everything That Matters” which will focus on the first four chapters of Genesis. This will also be a blog series, so stay tuned here too – and subscribe for email alerts!

In “ORIGINS” we will cover topics like…
1. The Origin of Earth
2. The Origin of Us
3. The Origin of Ethics
4. The Origin of Evil
5. The Origin of Religion (I’m really looking forward to this one)

And now I’m interested in hearing from you…

What questions do you have or are you often asked by your family or friends about the beginning of the Bible?

Please comment below! Just scroll to the bottom and “LEAVE A REPLY”. And thank you in advance for posting your questions and thoughts! The Adventure begins THIS SUNDAY!


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  1. Question:

    In simple terms, Adam and Eve begat children. How has civilization arrived at its diversity of ethnicity? In big buckets, ‘brown’ (1+billion), Asia as a region (1+Billion), so-called white (<1 billion), Africa/black (1+Billion) and numerous variations along the ethnic gradient. k

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