it’s aliiive!


I’m the worst blogger ever and here’s why.

Full confession: I hate writing. Whenever I write, whether a book or a blog, it isn’t because I love the process or enjoy the finger therapy. If I write anything—if my fingers are going to tap tap tap their way into productivity while I sit staring at a screen—it must be a matter of the motivation overcoming the monotony. And while I’m at it, let me confess that I dislike reading almost as much as I dislike writing. I’m a bit dyslexic and reading is a struggle for me. But I do it. A lot. Not because I love reading, but because I love learning, and reading is the necessary mountain to climb if I want to always be learning. (Whenever they invent those instant learning skull plugins from the Matrix, I’ll be the first to sign up for my very own “I know kung fu” moment.)

So, when I write, there must be a message inside me that I believe needs to get out. And this message better be big and bold and potentially life-altering enough that it will carry me forward throughout the writing process, through every time I want to shut it all down and ask, “Can’t I just explain this to everyone in the world one-on-one over coffee?”

Knowing this will help you understand my love-hate affair with blogs—reading and writing them.  A few years ago I started a blog, because people told me I should. But I couldn’t bring myself to keep up with it. Yes, I believed I had an important message inside me to share—and then I would share it, every Sunday, in my sermon. My sermon notes are point form, just the way I like it. Why write more in a blog?  A few times I had a kind friend write my blog posts for me. I would explain my thoughts and he would type away. But that couldn’t last. And so my blog died a horrible death, all alone, abandoned, and forgotten. Like most William Shatner albums. (“William Shatner has albums?” My point exactly.)

But now—it’s aliiiiive!

So here’s the scoop. Over the last couple of years I’ve been working away on a new book to follow up on my 2007 book, The End of Religion. (Looks like I’m a book a decade kinda guy.) That’s a lot of writing, so you better believe my motivation has been through the roof to sustain this project. This book is my best attempt to walk unbelievers and believers alike through the basics of the the most important message ever: the Gospel of Jesus. And now I’m so motivated to get this message out, I’m ready to start blogging again. Sort of.

Over the next few months I’m going to be posting portions of my upcoming book, called (re)union: The Good News of Jesus, for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners. Every two weeks, I hope you come back to read a bit more. I might even occasionally post something current and personal and unrelated to the book—but let’s not get carried away here.

You can also pre-order (re)union on Amazon, and I’m told it helps get the message out when lots of people pre-order. I can’t verify if that’s true, but let’s pretend it is and all go pre-order it as soon as we’re done here.

Thanks for showing interest in my blog reboot. I love God, and I love people, and I love introducing the people I love to the God I love—like a spiritual eharmony guy. So please sign up for email updates or follow me on twitter (and turn on notifications) if you want to know when I’m posting again.


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  1. marc here in Edmonton, Bruxy!
    I am looking forward to sharing your ideas with the students I teach at my Christian school just as I did with the End of Religion.
    May the Good Lord continue to bless you with wisdom and stoke the flames your passion as you faithfully follow Him.

  2. Bruxy’s back! I fully identify with 100% of your suffering brother! I’m a bit dislexic, a ton passionate, a bit frustrated with the writing process and working daily to love God, our enemies and encourage our churches to do the same.

    I’m so pumped to see you writing again. Love and prayers for your process, keep teaching as you do!

    PS. Inglorious Pastors is catching on fire in the Philippines these days. The war on drugs and violent president is making people ask big questions of God. Thx for your efforts.

    Blessings brother.

  3. HI Bruxy. After church I heard Tapestry on CBC (Feb. 26, 2017). Mary Hynes interviewed philosopher Martha Nussbaum who wrote “Anger and Forgiveness: Resentment, Generosity, Justice” Nussbaum could have been listening to our Peacemakers series! I recommend having a listen.
    Thanks for working through the frustration. God is teaching me a lot through your work with Him!

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