Booking Request Form for Bruxy Cavey

Dear Interested Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Once we receive your request, we will review it with the appropriate leadership and get back in touch to confirm Bruxy’s availability.

As Bruxy thrives on last-minute preparations, we request that the couple hours prior to his speaking are kept clear for him to prepare. This also means that Bruxy isn’t able to provide his content/notes/media in advance. He values the ability to change topics even until the last minute where possible. Additionally, Bruxy does not routinely promote all his speaking engagements. Please let us know if any of these cause concern.

Background Info

Bruxy Cavey is the senior pastor at The Meeting House, a church for people who aren’t into church. The Meeting House is a multisite Anabaptist congregation in Ontario, Canada where thousands of people connect to God and each other through Sunday services, online interaction, and a widespread house church network. (You can learn more about The Meeting House at Bruxy is also author of the bestselling book, The End of Religion and his new book, reUnion, is an overview of “The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners.” Bruxy and his wife, Nina, have three daughters and live in Hamilton, Ontario.

Book Table

If the event allows, copies of Bruxy’s book “The End of Religion” and “(re)union” can be made available for sale. We do request that someone be available to staff a book table at this event. Please contact Bruxy’s assistant to make advance arrangement for the books.


Please note that the senior leadership team at The Meeting House has asked that when accepting speaking engagements, Bruxy always travels with another person (whether family, friend, or fellow pastor).  Therefore travel and accommodation arrangements will need to be for two people wherever flying or overnight stays are involved.  If further clarification is required, please contact Bruxy’s assistant.

Travel Details and Costs

If flying, we prefer to manage all flight arrangements and will invoice appropriately. We will confirm budget and costs before booking these travel arrangements.

If traveling by car, mileage will be invoiced at 47 cents/km.

Any other expenses will be invoiced at our standard rates:

  • Meals: $60/day, or $15 for breakfast, $20 for lunch, and $25 for dinner.
  • Airport Parking: $30/day.
  • Mileage to/from the Airport: $60 roundtrip.
  • Hotel: $150/night/person.

Please help us by confirming and e-mailing all your details at least 2 weeks prior to the event to Bruxy’s assistant.


Single speaking engagement = $700 + tax & travel costs outlined above

Extra same-event sessions = $300 + tax

Honorariums and expenses will be invoiced 2 weeks prior to the event.

Where applicable, HST is added to all events in Canada.

Please Note: Bruxy is happy to come for a reduced amount in some situations. Please ask for more information.