Join Bruxy Cavey and  Tim Day as they dive into the pages of  The End of Religion. Listen in on this 17 part audio podcast by clicking the links below.

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Bruxy and Tim talk about why Jesus is worth learning from. Plus more on the parable of the Prodigal Son.


Bruxy and Tim talk about why the Bible is worth studying. Plus, take a walk through the meta-narrative of history.

Chapter 1: Water, Wine, and Scandal

Bruxy and Tim talk about Jesus turning water into wine and why Jesus would ever kick over a nativity scene..

Chapter 2: Religion Spirituality and Faith

Bruxy and Tim define terms and investigate the unexpected ways Jesus fulfils prophecy.

Chapter 3: Blue Rose Tuesdays

Bruxy and Tim talk about the difference between form and substance, and why Jesus told stories.

Chapter 4: Chamber of Horrors

Bruxy and Tim explore why the Christian religion has failed to live the message of Jesus and supported the crusades, inquisitions and witch hunts.

Chapter 5: Taking the Mental out of Fundamentalism

Bruxy and Tim talk about why the violence of religious fundamentalism.

Chapter 6: Taking On The Establishment

Bruxy and Tim talk about the Jewish Passover and challenge the misinformed notion that the biblical Gospels are anti-Semitic.

Chapter 7: Breaking the Rules (Overriding Torah)

How can someone live a moral life when their faith has no rules? Bruxy and Tim discuss the superiority of the love-ethic of Jesus over the law-ethic of Moses.

Chapter 8 – A Fence Around The Law: Trouncing Tradition

Tim and Bruxy discuss why fences are fine for cattle, but sheep need a Shepherd.

Chapter 9 – Family Values: Undoing Tribalism

How Jesus confronted the “in group – out group” mentality of his day, and ours.

Chapter 10 – the Kingdom Come: Transcending Territory

Bruxy and Tim are joined by Darrell Winger and filmmaker John Campea to discuss the radical peace teaching of Jesus. (Formerly aired as part of The Meeting House Roundtable.)

Chapter 11 – Sacred Space: Redefining the Temple

Bruxy & Tim discuss how Jesus turned the tables on religious architecture.

Chapter 12 – Subversive Symbols

Why Baptism and Communion are irreligious symbols and how we can use them today for spiritual growth.

Chapter 13 – The Day Religion Died

Tim and Bruxy talk about why Jesus died and what it has to do with us.

Chapter 14 – Who Do You Think You Are – God?

Bruxy and Tim ask how belief in the deity of Christ fits into the irreligious message of Jesus.

Chapter 15 – God or Son of God

Bruxy and Tim talk about Jesus as the one who reveals God’s heart to humanity.

Chapter 16 – Word of God

Bruxy and Tim talk about Jesus as God’s ultimate self-disclosure and how that informs our use of the Bible.

Chapter 17 – Love Instead of Law

Description: Bruxy and Tim talk about Jesus’ mandate to fulfill the law and usher in an era of love.