End of Religion: Chapter 10 – Thy Kingdom Come: Transcending Territory

Bruxy & Tim are joined by Darrell Winger and filmmaker John Campea to discuss the radical peace teaching of Jesus. (Formerly aired as part of The Meeting House Roundtable.)

Chapter 10

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  1. Bruxy, Tim, and all:

    This is so cool: I had listened to Joel Fieri’s “The Big Picture” podcast a couple of weeks ago, entitled “Pacifist Vs. Peacemaker” (I put the link below), and then listened to this Chapter 10 roundtable podcast. Though the two of you are coming from very different points of view, I gained a lot from each. I let Joel know my thoughts, and he has begun listening to this Chapter 10 podcast himself. Let the dialogue continue . . .

    Good stuff.
    -Juan (a.k.a. Ken)

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