End of Religion: Chapter 13 – The Day Religion Died

Tim and Bruxy talk about why Jesus died and what it has to do with us.

Chapter 13


  1. With the idea of sacrifice being an institution of the worldly religious system, implemented by all religious systems of the world- what about Cain and Able? One had a blood sacrifice and one did not. The blood sacrifice was respected by God and the other was not. While we don’t know from scripture how much religious system had been instituted by that time, one assumes that there isn’t much- or any, being that these brothers are only the second generation of people on earth and their parents are still alive and continuing to bear children. Although we know from scripture they lived hundreds of years, what about God accepting one sacrifice of lambs and disrespecting one sacrifice of plants? Do we just assume that they got their own idea of sacrificing life and it was carried through? Or is there any prompting of God about it? One does seem to assume that God approves of it- or at least, directs how it should happen; which-from Cain and Able- being with life blood.
    I have also read commentary that says that God implemented blood sacrifice by killing animals and making garments from their skins to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve; thereby, symbolizing the righteousness of God covering their sin. Thus pointing to Jesus’ blood sacrifice.
    How do you comment?
    By the way, so appreciate your ministry.

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